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Environment, Social, and Governance

Tigo is enabling a cleaner, more sustainable future with our products and practices.

Tigo's approach

A note from our Chairman & CEO

Tigo’s mission is to accelerate the adoption of clean, reliable, solar electricity around the world. Tigo solutions enable more Pv projects, increased clean energy output from those projects, and safer PV production with monitoring and rapid shutdown features.

Our entire organization is committed to enabling a cleaner future by increasing the use of solar pv around the world. As a business, we take pride in what we do, the ways it beneficially impacts communities, and our role as a leader in the transition to a more sustainable future.

- Zvi Alon


Tigo products are designed, manufactured, stored, and shipped with the goals of energy-efficiency, resource conservation, human ethics, and waste management throughout their lifecycle. Our module-level power electronics, communication devices, and software allow us to constantly monitor a fleet of global PV systems to optimize energy production, ensure safety, design efficient layouts, and reduce truck-roll issues.

Clean electricity worldwide

Solar PV systems that use Tigo technology generate more than 1 GWh daily worldwide.

Reclaimed Energy

A Tigo feature that minimizes the impact of shade on PV performance to maximize energy output and has totaled more than 75 GWh.
A ground mount PV array installed next to a forest with Tigo Flex MLPE

Emission reduction

Solar PV systems using Tigo technology have avoided the equivalent CO2 that 31 million trees sequester.

Efficient design

Tigo products are packaged in slim enclosures for efficient shipping and minimal packaging.


Tigo is an active participant with select solar organizations and non-profits seeking to spread the availability of distributed energy. We provide thought leadership, marketing, training, and donations to NABCEP, CALSSA, SEI, and more. Our online training sessions, webinars, and NABCEP-accredited courses are free and digitally available worldwide on our website. We provide resources in multiple languages and promote them weekly to spread knowledge about solar.
A solar energy installation in Antarctica with Tigo MLPE

Energy access

Tigo has systems installed on every continent and our team works in dozens of languages to facilitate access to solar PV for communities around the world.
Tigo webinar homepage

Solar education

Tigo regularly holds webinars, provides live training, and publishes articles related to solar energy that are freely available to the public.

Training Resources

Tigo supplies a knowledge base - including articles and videos written by our team - to facilitate solar PV projects.
Tigo Energy team members at a conference


The Tigo team represents a diverse set of backgrounds, including the executive leadership, and encourages people from all backgrounds to apply to join the Tigo team.


Tigo is committed to accelerating the adoption of solar energy worldwide. We do so while promoting and complying with the latest electrical certifications and requirements that enhance the safety of installers and first responders that interact with solar PV systems. Tigo is an active member of various non-profit organizations including CALSSA and SEIA that do important work to enable safe, affordable access to solar energy for communities. Tigo also works closely with partner companies in the PV industry - including inverter manufacturers, module manufacturers, engineering firms, installers, and more - to make it easier to adopt the latest safety codes and measures.
Tigo Energy headquarters in Campbell, CA

Green purchasing policy

Our corporate office has committed to purchasing eco-friendly office supplies, reducing single-use items,  using sustainable marketing vendors, and catering local/organic/non-meat lunch services


Tigo works with the largest network of inverters and module suppliers of any MLPE and provides in-house testing with partner products to ensure reliable performance.
US National Electrical Code 2007 logo

SOlar PV Safety

Tigo solutions help PV customers fulfill the necessary safety standards included in electrical codes, such as the US National Electrical Code.
UL and TUV code requirements for solar PV

Third party certifications

Tigo products are certified with major certification organizations recognized around the world including UL, TUV, CSA, JET, and more.
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