Tigo Enhanced

Plug and play rapid shutdown systems with integrated Tigo technology

Get Tigo Enhanced, get peace of mind

Tigo Enhanced makes it even simpler for PV customers to pair an inverter with Tigo’s industry leading rapid shutdown devices. When customers see the Tigo Enhanced logo on an inverter data sheet, they know that the inverter has integrated Tigo technology and is plug and is play with Tigo rapid shutdown devices.  Features of Tigo rapid shutdown devices include:

Extremely reliable - lowest return rates in the industry

Millions of systems delivered, operating on 7 continents

The largest network of certified inverter partners

Look for tigo enhanced

Here's where you'll see it

Equipment covers

Look for the Tigo Enhanced sticker on the exterior of the inverters, charge controllers, and other technologies.

Specification sheets

Participating companies show the Tigo Enhanced logo on the front of the inverter specification sheet

Marketing materials

Brochures, events, advertisements, webinars, and more.

Why it matters

Many electrical codes now require rapid shutdown devices that reduce the voltage of rooftop PV systems for the safety of first responders. Tigo makes makes it extremely easy to meet safety codes with your inverter of choice.

Inverter with integrated Tigo RSS Transmitter

Plug and play installations

Tigo Enhanced inverters have integrated Tigo RSS Transmitters or Cloud Connect Advance (CCA) devices, so they work out of the box with Tigo rapid shutdown devices. This enables simple to install, reliable, and complete rapid shutdown solutions with a wide variety of inverter options.

See the list of integrated inverters
Solar PV safety certifications including NEC Rapid Shutdown and Underwriters Laboratories (UL)

Meet safety codes

The US National Electrical Code (NEC) requires that both the equipment and system (inverter + rapid shutdown device) be certified for compliance. Every Tigo Enhanced inverter has been UL PVRSS (PV Rapid Shutdown System) certified with one or more Tigo rapid shutdown devices to meet safety codes. Similar standards are spreading to countries throughout the world.

See the full list of PVRSS certified inverters
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