EU EI Inverter - Safety Card Manual (Translation Review)

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Tigo Energy Intelligence

Tigo Energy Intelligence EU Inverter Safety Manual


General Notice

1. Contents may be periodically updated or revised. Tigo reserves the right to make

improvements or changes in the product(s) and the program(s) described in the manual without the prior notice.

2. This manual is intended for qualified electricians who:

  • Are licensed and/or satisfy state and local jurisdiction regulations;\
  • Have good knowledge of this manual and other related documents.

3. Before installing the device, read the user manual carefully to get familiar with the product information and safety precautions. Tigo shall not be liable for any consequences caused by the violation of the storage, transportation, installation, and operation regulations specified in this document and the user manual.

4. Use insulated tools when installing the device. Personal protective equipment (PPE) must be worn during installation, electrical connection, and maintenance.

5. Please visit the website for more information, downloads, and inquiries.

Symbols on the Label:

  • CE mark of conformity
  • TUV certification
  • RCM mark of conformity
  • UKCA mark of conformity
  • UKNI mark of conformity
  • ETL certification
  • SAA certification
  • Caution, hot surface
  • Caution, risk of electric shock
  • Caution, risk of danger
  • Read the enclosed documentations
  • Do not dispose of the inverter with household waste
  • Do not operate this inverter until it is isolated from the mains and on-site PV (or other) generation suppliers.
  • Danger of high voltage.
  • Do not touch live parts for 5 minutes after disconnection from all power sources.
  • Compliant with the requirements of Restriction of Hazardous Substances.

Note: The symbols marked with “*” may not be applicable for this inverter. Please refer to the actual symbols on the device.

Mechanical Installation Safety

  • Do not work with the inverter with power on during installation.
  • Ensure the inverter is intact. Otherwise, electric shock or fire may occur.
  • Only use the components recommended or sold by Tigo. Otherwise, the risk of fire, electric shock, or injury to personnel may occur.
  • Before installation, make sure the inverter is not electrically connected.
  • Keep children away from the inverter.
  • Consider the weight of the inverter. Personal injuries may be caused if not handled properly.
  • Do not open the enclosure in any case without authorization from Tigo. Unauthorized opening will void the warranty and can cause lethal danger or serious injury due to electric shock.

Electrical Connection Safety

  • Danger to life due to high voltage on DC conductors.
  • PV modules shall have an IEC 61730 class A rating.
  • Do not ground the positive or negative pole of the PV modules.
  • The connection of PV strings must be in accordance with the electric safety rules.
  • When exposed to sunlight, high DC voltage will be generated by the PV array, which is present in the DC conductors. Lethal electric shock may occur in case of touching the DC conductors.
  • Never touch the positive or negative pole of PV modules. Touching both at the same time is prohibited and may be lethal.
  • Confirm the DC input voltage ≤ Maximum rated DC input voltage of the inverter. Overvoltage may cause permanent damage to the inverter, which is NOT covered by the warranty.
  • Make sure that all the electrical cables are firmly attached, undamaged, properly insulated and adequately dimensioned.
  • If an external RCD is required by local regulations, check which type of RCD is required for relevant electric codes. It is recommended to use a Type-A RCD with the value of 100 mA or 300 mA.

Operation and Maintenance Safety

  • Prior to operation, make sure the cables are in good condition.
  • Prior to maintenance, power off the equipment and strictly comply with the safety precautions in this document and other related documents.
  • Prior to operation, make sure all cables are in good condition.
  • Disconnect both AC and DC power from the inverter and wait for 5 minutes to fully discharge the voltage before attempting any maintenance, cleaning, or working on any connected circuits.
  • Never touch the inverter during operation to avoid burns caused by hot surfaces.
  • Never connect or disconnect the AC and DC cables when the inverter is operating.
  • All product labels and nameplate on the inverter shall be clearly visible.
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