TS4 Systems - Selective Deployment

This article expands upon the definition of Selective Deployment with TS4 systems. For a definition of other deployment options, see TS4 Systems - Methods of Deployment.

Selective Deployment is defined as a combination of TS4-A-O and TS4-A-S deployed on every PV module, with monitoring enabled via the CCA and TAP:

This deployment method offers optimization of targeted PV modules and can help systems that are experiencing performance issues due to shaded areas, uneven strings, mixed modules and strings that are strung across different orientations. It includes a mixture of Tigo MLPEs, in conjunction with a TAP (Tigo Access Point), and network connected CCA (Cloud Connect Advanced).

This deployment method offers:

  • Targeted optimization
  • Rapid shutdown
  • Concise data reporting
  • Remote system updates
  • Full warranty coverage

This flexibility allows you to deploy only the features you need, where you need them, subsequently reducing your cost and increasing ROI. Selective deployment is a feature unique to the Tigo TS4 family of MLPE. For product information visit TS4 Product Information.

In the example below, a portion of the array has experienced a limited shade event. A few added optimizers would help to regain some of the current loss from the shaded modules. Simply deploy the TS4-S units on PV Modules that are not shaded and the TS4-O units on the shaded modules.

This would deliver optimization, module level monitoring, and a complete Rapid Shutdown Solution (RSS).  

Design Guidelines

Rule: Selective Deployment should only be used when a string has its own MPPT and is actively independent of any other string. Selective deployment of optimization on parallel strings is NOT supported.