TS4 Systems - Method of Deployment

This article summarizes the different types of deployment for the Tigo Flex MLPE TS4 systems:

  • Full deployment
  • Selective deployment
  • Partial deployment
  • Blind deployment

TS4-O and TS4-S models can be deployed in many ways, but they must be connected to a TAP and CCA with a connection to the Internet, in order to be monitored. The monitoring functions enabled by the CCA data logger provides detailed visibility into the module-level operations. With this insight, you can assess performance characteristics and diagnose issues through viewing the system on the Tigo Energy Intelligence (EI) App and/or Portal.


The definition of system deployment options are summarized below. For a deeper explanation with examples, simply click on the corresponding image.

Full Deployment - TS4-A-O (optimizers) deployed on every PV module with monitoring enabled via the CCA and TAP. For more information, see TS4 Systems - Full Deployment.

Selective Deployment - A combination of TS4-A-O and TS4-A-S deployed on every PV module, with monitoring enabled via the CCA and TAP. For examples, see TS4 Systems - Selective Deployment.

Partial Deployment - TS4-A-O deployed on some PV modules but not all, with monitoring enabled via the CCA and TAP. For more information, see TS4 Systems - Partial Deployment.

Blind Deployment - TS4-A-O and/or TS4-A-S deployed without a CCA and TAP (method not supported by Tigo). For more information, see TS4 Systems - Blind Deployment.

Disclaimer: The Tigo Limited Warranty stipulates that monitoring functionality must be configured with TAP, CCA, & connection to the Internet in order for the system to be considered as eligible for full warranty coverage. For more information, please review the Tigo Limited Warranty for TS4 products, Cloud Connect Advanced (CCA), and Tigo Access Point (TAP).

The following table shows the options that are supported and recommended by Tigo.

Type                                                 Supported                    Recommended                    Not Supported

Full Deployment                           ✔                                   ✔

Selective Deployment                 ✔                                   ✔

Partial Deployment                      ✔                       

Blind Deployment                                                                                                            ❌

 (without monitoring)