TS4 Systems - Blind Deployment

This article expands upon the definition of Blind Deployment with TS4 systems. For a definition of other deployment options, see TS4 Systems - Methods of Deployment.

Blind Deployment is defined as any arrangement of TS4 MLPE units being used WITHOUT monitoring enabled (.i.e., no communication via CCA or TAP):

Albeit, this type of deployment can function for an undetermined amount of time, it offers no visibility into optimization, performance, or quality of system. It also excludes the system from the complete Warranty eligibility or coverage, as the system cannot be remotely diagnosed for troubleshot, without a TAP (Tigo Access Point) and network connected CCA (Cloud Connect Advance).

This deployment method offers:

  • Blind optimization via PIV (Predictive IV curve technology)
  • Reduced Warranty Coverage