Quick Start Guide: TS4-A-O (700W)

002-00071-00 Rev. A3 11/23/2021

TS4-A-O: Module-level Optimization

The TS4-A-O is the advanced add-on solution that brings smart module functionality to standard PV modules, including optimization, rapid shutdown, and module-level monitoring.

  • Maximum power: 700W
  • Maximum voltage: 80VDC
  • Maximum current: 15ADC
  • Maximum system voltage 1000V/1500V


  • Use ANSI/NFPA 70 wiring methods.
  • Modules must not be installed in readily accessible locations. (Canada only)
  • Connectors from different manufacturers cannot be mated with each other.

Photovoltaic Rapid Shutdown Equipment NEC 690.12 and C22.1-2015 Rule 64-218

  • The Tigo Access Point (TAP) is a PVRSE device that provides a keep-alive signal to the TS4 (attenuator) device via wireless communications.
  • The Tigo Access Point (TAP) shall be powered from the same power as the RSI (Rapid Shutdown Initiator) circuit and tied to the shutdown of the inverter.

TS4-A-O Installation Quick Start Guide

Note: When installing TS4-A, connect the input cables to the PV module before connecting the TS4-A output cables in series.

If disconnecting TS4-A, disconnect the TS4-A output cables from the string before disconnecting the input cables from the PV module.

For installation with frameless modules, remove metal clips and bolt TS4-A to rail.