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    Solarex 2013, Istanbul

    Solarex 2013, Istanbul: Why TIGO is already present on the Turkish market, although its product line is rather devoted to mature markets? Interview with Christian Carraro, EMEA General Manager, TIGO Energy Inc.

    BUILDING THE LARGEST SOLAR SMART ARRAY IN NORTH AMERICA: Behind the Scenes of a 2.2 MW Solar Power Plant

    Company Showcase: KACO new energy, "Optimizers vs Micro Inverters"

    September 18, 2012

    KACO’s panel discusses “Optimizers vs Micro Inverters.” The discussion features KACO new energy’s David Devir, Direct Product Management and Quality Assurance; Tigo Energy’s Paul Grana, Senior Manager, Marketing; and Ampt’s Mark Kanjorski, Director of Strategic Marketing.

    Intersolar Industry Outlook: Smart Modules, Optimizers and Micro Inverters

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