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Dan Kleinberger
Vice President - Clal Energy

Dan Kleinberger joined Clal Industries in 2010 and serves as Vice President of Clal Energy since 2012. Clal Industries (TASE: CII) is a prominent Israeli investment group and Clal Energy is the group’s wholly-owned energy investment arm.

Mr. Kleinberger is responsible for pursuing new investment opportunities in the Energy and Cleantech sectors. He also oversees the development, financing and construction of multiple utility-scale energy projects located in Israel and Europe. He is actively involved in several of Clal’s portfolio companies and serves as a board member of Clal Sun, an independent solar power producer, Global Wind Energy, a European developer of wind energy projects, Millennium Materials Technologies, a Venture Capital fund, Hadera Paper (TASE:HAP), the market leader in the paper and paper products industry in Israel, and Hogla-Kimberly, the largest marketer of non-food disposable consumer products in Israel (joint venture with Kimberly-Clark International).

Prior to Clal, Mr. Kleinberger held positions in NICE Systems (NASDAQ:NICE) and Elron Electronic Industries (TASE:ELRN).

Mr. Kleinberger holds a B.A. (Cum Laude) in Economics & Accounting from the Tel Aviv University.