Protect your investment and deliver consistent performance from your projects

Get the features you need with the inverters and module manufacturers you want to maximize your returns.

Increasing your returns

Maximize production by minimizing losses

Minimize losses from mismatch

Tigo optimizers maximize energy yield over the lifetime of a solar installation by minimizing the effect mismatch and soiling have over time on string performance.

Detect performance issues early

Get module level performance visibility and real-time alerts to maximize uptime and minimize operations and maintenance expenses.

Choose your balance of system

Tigo TS4 Flex MLPE work with the largest network of string inverters and modules, including bifacial and higher wattage ones.

How Tigo maximizes your ROI


Used worldwide at any scale

From the North to the South Pole and dozens of systems >1 MW in size, Tigo has a proven energy output improvement of 75 GWh Reclaimed Energy and is self-financed with external financing for exponential future growth.


More than a decade of results

Protect your investment with proven third-party certified equipment and systems, Include monitoring & optimization to guard against mishap and mismatch. Tigo has 13-years in business with tens of thousands of installations on every continent

Flex MLPE gives you solar freedom


Choose the features you want

Whether you want optimization to minimize the impacts of mismatch on performance, module level monitoring to minimize O&M expenses, or rapid shutdown to enhance safety on floating PV systems, Tigo has you covered. Mix and match the feature set that maximizes your returns. Choose the features you want, and don't pay for anything you don't. View the complete TS4 family here.


Choose the inverter you want

Tigo systems have been extensively tested and certified with the largest network of string inverters of any MLPE provider.


Choose the modules you want

Tigo TS4 Flex-MLPE work with virtually every PV module manufacturer and recent additions to the Tigo TS4 family is rated for up to 700W - enough for the latest high current and bifacial PV modules.

Tigo in the field

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Choose Tigo and maximize the ROI of your PV project

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