Tigo EI Inverter Manual

Installation manual for the Tigo EI Inverter, including instructions for the EI Battery, ATS, and Energy Meter

TS4 Installation

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Supplies required: TS4s, cable ties/clips or other appropriate wire management hardware

The TS4 series of MLPE mount to the PV module by sliding onto the module frame. The TS4 mounting clips contain “teeth” that will secure the TS4 and provide bonding to the metallic frame of the PV module. No equipment grounding is necessary.

Figure 30 TS4 Mounting

1)   Mount the TS4 to the back of the PV module on the top edge.

a.   The TS4 may be mounted to the side edges of the module but shall never be placed on the bottom edge with the cable glands facing up.

Figure 31 TS4-A-O barcode

b.  For installation with frameless modules, remove the metal mounting clips with a flat-blade screwdriver to reveal the mounting holes. These holes may be used to mount the TS4 to the racking structure. Use mounting hardware supplied by the specific racking manufacturer.

c.   TS4-A-O only: The TS4-A-O includes are movable barcode (or QR code). This is used to identify the MLPE when mapping the system during commissioning. Remove this barcode and place on the grid located on the last page of the EI Inverter Quick Start Guide per the azimuth and layout of the array.

Figure 32 TS4 Module Connections

2)   Connect the PV modules to the TS4 inputs.

a.   Secure conductors to prevent damage from movement, rodents, or accidental contact.

b.   Each TS4 must have a PV module connected to its inputs before connecting the output conductors of the TS4 units in series(string connections).

Figure 33 TS4 String connections

3)   Connect the TS4 output conductors in series to create the PV string.

a.   Secure conductors to prevent damage from movement, rodents, or accidental contact.

The TS4-A-F MLPE operate when receiving a “keep-alive” signal sent by powerline communication over the DC PV conductors. This signal is generated in the inverter and applied to the PV conductors once terminated in the inverter and the inverter is turned ON; no additional components are required.

The TS4-A-O MLPE are in the ON state from initial installation. To activate the rapid shutdown function, the Tigo Access Point must be installed. This is described in the following sections.