Tigo EI Inverter Manual

Installation manual for the Tigo EI Inverter, including instructions for the EI Battery, ATS, and Energy Meter

The Energy Intelligence Residential Solution Overview

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The Energy Intelligence Inverter is Tigo’s hub to energy independence. The EI Inverter is a single-phase energy converter which manages the PV energy produced, converts the energy to AC for immediate use in the home or backfed to the utility grid. When paired with the Tigo EI Battery, the inverter manages the battery charging and discharging based on the user’s preferences and/or local requirements. The EI Inverter operates with Tigo’s TS4 MLPE products to provide PV module-level optimization, safety, and the most granular module-level monitoring in the industry. When used with Tigo’s EI Monitoring platform the entire energy system is monitored and managed through automatic alerts in case of any issues or abnormalities.