Tigo EI Inverter Manual

Installation manual for the Tigo EI Inverter, including instructions for the EI Battery, ATS, and Energy Meter

Powering On the EI Solution

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1.   At the main service entrance, check the grid voltage is within the operating specifications of the inverter.

2.   Turn on the AC disconnect switch and/or circuit breaker.

3.   Confirm voltage of PV strings are less than 600VDC.

4.   Turn on the DC disconnect switch at the bottom of the inverter.

5.   If a battery is installed:

      a.   Turn on the battery disconnect switch located on the left side of the battery enclosure.

      b.   If an additional disconnect was installed separately, turn this switch to on.

6.   Open the EI App and complete the commissioning of the TS4s, inverter and battery.