Tigo EI Inverter Manual

Installation manual for the Tigo EI Inverter, including instructions for the EI Battery, ATS, and Energy Meter

Opening the Conduit Holes

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Tools needed: ¾” & 1”hole saw, drill, 3/16” hex head screwdriver

Determine which conduit drill guides need to be removed. The openings will depend on the equipment being installed in this system. In case drill guides are opened but left unused, hole plugs (G, H) are provided to close these openings and ensure a water-tight seal.

Table 4 Conduit Drill Guide

1)   Using the 3/16” hex head screwdriver, loosen the four screws on the front cover of the wirebox (3) and remove cover.

2)   The conduit openings can be opened for trade size ¾” (COM) or 1” (AC & DC)conduit. CAREFULLY open the required conduit openings using the drill guide and hole saw drill.

Figure 15 Conduit size reference
Figure 16 Preparation for mounting