Tigo EI Inverter Manual

Installation manual for the Tigo EI Inverter, including instructions for the EI Battery, ATS, and Energy Meter

E-Stop Wiring

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Tools required: 1/8” flathead screwdriver, #2 Philips screwdriver, cable ties

Supplies required: conduit and associated water-tight fittings, two 18-22AWG conductors


The left COM port (9) is used for multiple communications connections; e-stop, TAP, energy meter. If conduit has not already been installed with accommodation for the e-stop wiring, install this now. Make sure to plan for the additional connections that will need to enter this port and use appropriate fittings to ensure a water-tight fit.

Two 18-22AWG conductors are used for the connection between the e-stop and inverter. At the inverter these conductors are terminated at a3-pin connector on the left side of the communications board. At the e-stop, the conductors are connected to the back of the contactor.

Figure 50 E-Stop connections

1)   Pass the two power conductors through the conduit between the inverter and e-stop.

2)   Remove the 3-pin connector from the CN14 port.

      a.   Remove the jumper wire from the 3-pin connector.

      b.   Connect the two conductors to the 3-pin connector in positions 1 and 3 (position 2 is open). Polarity is not important.

3)   Insert the 3-pinconnector into port CN14.

4)   Connect the conductors to the e-stop contacts as shown in Figure 46.

5)   Replace the e-stop cover and tighten with the 4 plastic screws.