Tigo EI Inverter Manual

Installation manual for the Tigo EI Inverter, including instructions for the EI Battery, ATS, and Energy Meter

Antenna Connections

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Supplies required: WiFi antenna(E), Optional-Cellular antenna (F)


The EI Inverter primarily communicates to the Cloud over WiFi. A cellular backup is available as an optional feature from Tigo. Each connection requires a different antenna.

The WiFi antenna (E) is provided with the inverter accessories. This antenna allows for the commissioning to the inverter for commissioning as well as monitoring and communication of the inverter to the Tigo Cloud.

A cellular antenna (F) is provided with cellular equipped models only. Cellular data is used as a back-up when WiFi is down.

The WiFi antenna (E) connects to ANT1 (7) and the cellular antenna (F)connects to ANT2 (8). The antennas screw on to the ANT connectors at the bottom of the wirebox.

Figure 53 WiFi antenna
Figure 54 Cellular antenna
Figure 55 Antenna connections