Bay Area Green Business Certification

How We Are Green

Information gathered at the module is transmitted to a database where it can be accessed by a suite of analytic, alerting, metering and maintenance applications. An intuitive web-based UI provides a comprehensive view of system performance which scales to the needs of installers, residential owners, and utility scale operators. The unprecedented level of information and guidance can lead to significant reductions in operating and maintenance (O&M) expenses. Tigo Energy is also able to address many of the safety issues that confront solar installations. Today’s serial interconnection of panels ensures that when the sun is shining there is the potential of very high voltage (above 400 volts) on the cables – even when the DC shutoff is in the “off” position. The hazard to installers, maintenance personnel and firefighters is evident. The Tigo Energy system can disconnect each panel from the string, limiting the exposure to only the Voc of a single panel (usually <40v). In many cases this will streamline the permitting process and provide peace-of-mind to the home or business owner.


About Bay Area Green Business Program

The Bay Area Green Business Program, a founding member of the California Green Business Program, distinguishes small businesses that protect, preserve and sustain our environment. Our partnership of local environmental agencies and utilities assists, offers incentives, and verifies that participating businesses conserve energy and water, minimize waste, prevent pollution, and shrink their carbon footprints. Businesses that meet our standards are officially recognized as both Bay Area and California Green Businesses. Learn more at