Datasheet: TS4-A-2F (Fire Safety for 2 Modules) - 1000W (15A)

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Module-level PV Rapid Shutdown for 2 modules

The TS4-A-2F (Fire Safety) is the advanced add-on rapid shutdown solution that brings smart module functionality to standard PV modules for higher reliability. Ensure safety by upgrading existing PV systems or by adding safety features to new installations. 

The TS4-A-2F complies with NEC 2017 & 2020 690.12 Rapid Shutdown specifications when installed with the Tigo RSS Transmitter or an inverter with built-in Tigo certified transmitter.


Simple, Fast Installation

Snap to standard PV module frame or remove clips for rack mounting

PLC Signaling

Rapid shutdown signaling over PV conductors

Automatic Shutdown

PV array enters rapid shutdown in the event of AC grid loss

PVRSS Certified

Tested and UL certified with hundreds of top inverter models

Quick Specs


Operating Temperature Range             -30°C to +70°C (-22°F to +158°F)

Outdoor Rating                                      IP68, NEMA 3R


Dimensions                                             138.4mm x 139.7mm x 22.9mm

Weight                                                     590g


Max Input Voltage
(VOC @ Lowest Temperature)             80V

Input Voltage Range (per input)             16 - 80V

Maximum Output Voltage                     160V (80V per channel)

Maximum Current (per channel)             15A

Number of modules served                     2

Maximum Power                                     1000W (500W per channel)

Cable Lengths (in/out)                            0.12 and 0.2m/2.2m (standard), 1.2 and 1.3m/ 2.4m (optional)

Connectors                                            MC4 (standard), EVO2 (optional), MC4 Comparable (optional)

Communication Type                            PLC

Rapid Shutdown UL Listed
(NEC 2017 & 2020 690.12)                    Yes

Rapid Shutdown Time Limit                    30 secs or less**

Conductor AWG Range                            10-12AWG

PVRSE Controlled Conductors            ≤ 30 Vdc,  ≤240VA, ≤8A**

Rapid shutdown activation of TS4-A-2F requires RSS Transmitter.

*Maximum output voltage of the TS4 is dependent on the PV module voltage. Refer to PV modules nameplate.

**Limits are based on NEC 690.12 rapid shutdown requirements.


UL1741, PVRSS, CSA22.2, IEC 62109

PVRSS certified inverters

For a list of all PVRSS certified inverters, please see:

Installation example

Installation example: Serial connection of two PV modules to a TS4-A-2F

Module mounting requirements

Ordering information


484-00252-22 15A, 1000W, 1500VUL/1000VIEC, 2.2m Cable, MC4


484-00252-24 15A, 1000W, 1500VUL/1000VIEC, 1.2/1.3/2.4M Cable, MC4

484-00261-22 15A, 1000W, 1500VUL/IEC, 2.2M Cable, EVO2

484-00261-24 15A, 1000W, 1500VUL/IEC, 1.2/1.3/2.4M Cable, EVO2

484-00257-22       15A, 1000W, 1000VUL/IEC, 0.12/0.2/2.2 M Cable, MC4 Comparable

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