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Tigo’s industry leading TS4 platform of Flex MLPE (Module Level Power Electronics) connects to your PV modules to unlock multiple benefits for your PV system, including: module level optimization, module level visibility, and module level rapid shutdown.
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Embrace solar freedom with Tigo TS4 Flex MLPE

Tigo’s industry leading TS4 platform of Flex MLPE (Module Level Power Electronics) connects to your PV modules to unlock multiple benefits for your PV system, including:

  • Increased output - with module level optimization
  • Lower maintenance costs - with module level visibility
  • Enhanced safety - with module level rapid shutdown

Sites require just a few main components to unlock the benefits of optimization, advanced module-level monitoring, and enhanced safety. Each TS4 can be attached to a PV module in a matter of seconds. Tigo TS4 is the only platform that lets you choose the equipment and features that maximize the benefit for your installation. Solutions can be applied to existing PV installations or new ones at virtually any scale.

FLEXIBLE Choose the right feature set for performance, monitoring and/or PV safe systems. Reliable inverter interface with 200+ inverters across 20+ companies.
SIMPLE As low as 10-second installations per module. Wireless protocol facilitates incremental activation & troubleshooting while commissioning.
TRUSTED From the North to the South Pole, Tigo installations range from <10 kW to >10 MW in size. Over 1 GWh daily monitored production providing Energy Intelligence with advanced data analytics.

Enhance the economics of your PV system

Whether you need to meet safety code, want module level visibility or to reduce the impacts from shading, Tigo has you covered. With Tigo TS4, you can mix and match any of the features listed below.

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Increased energy output

Tigo Optimizers get the maximum energy output from your array and minimize the losses from shading, module mismatch, degradation, and other issues.


Lower operating expenses

Tigo gives you granular, module level monitoring with its Energy Intelligence Platform. Diagnose anomalies at the module level, increase bankability, and lower maintenance expenses.

Rapid Shutdown

Enhance safety and compliance

Tigo solutions meet US NEC Rapid Shutdown compliance and other safety codes that protect first responders and are required in many countries

Tigo TS4 Flex MLPE

With Tigo, you only pay for what you need to maximize the benefits of your PV installation.

FEATURES Rapid Shutdown, Monitoring, Optimization  |  REQUIRED CCA & TAP  |  OPTIONS May be selectively deployed
FEATURES Rapid Shutdown, Monitoring  | REQUIRED CCA & TAP  |  OPTIONS May be selectively deployed
FEATURES Monitoring  |  REQUIRED CCA & TAP  |  OPTIONS May be selectively deployed
FEATURES Rapid Shutdown  |  REQUIRED RSS Transmitter  |  OPTIONS TS4-A-2F serves 2 PV modules with 1 device

Schematic   |   O, S, M

Monitoring enabled smart devices

1. TS4: O, S, M

Tigo TS4 units are connected to each module. Customers can selectively deploy any combination of the TS4-A-O, S, or M products to maximize returns for their particular site.

2. CCA & TAP

Tigo's Cloud Connect Advanced (CCA) is the data hub for TS4s and other devices(inverter, battery, etc.). It connects with an RS485 cable to the TAP which wirelessly communicates with TS4s.

3. Tigo Energy Intelligence

All of the module-level data, and any third party data connected to Tigo's CCA can be viewed in Tigo’s Energy Intelligence monitoring system.

Schematic   |   F, 2F

Dedicated, reliable rapid shutdown devices

1. TS4: F or 2F

Tigo's Fire Safety line of TS4 are completely dedicated to the rapid shutdown function and communication via PLC with the RSS Transmitter.

2. Required: rss transmitter

The Tigo Rapid Shutdown System (RSS) Transmitter enables UL PVRSS certified rapid shutdown with TS4-A-F and 2F units to meet required safety codes.

3. monitoring: inverter

Tigo's TS4-A-F and -2F are dedicated rapid shutdown devices. Inverter monitoring may provide DC data at the string, MPPT or array level.

Installs in seconds, lasts decades - even in harsh environments

Princess Elisabeth Station, Antarctica

10 seconds per module

Each TS4 connects to the PV module at the junction box and clips to the module frame. Plug and play with your PV system.

No Ground wire required

Tigo TS4 do not need a separate ground wire or mounting bolts for installations.

water and corrosion resistant

Polycarbonate cover is water-resistant to 1.5m deep - proven in the harshest environments from Antarctica to the Atacama desert.

About Tigo

Tigo is the worldwide leader in Flex MLPE (Module Level Power Electronics) with innovative solutions that significantly enhance safety, increase energy production, and decrease operating costs of photovoltaic (PV) systems. Tigo’s TS4 platform maximizes the benefit of PV systems and provides customers with the most scalable, versatile, and reliable MLPE solution available.

Tigo was founded in Silicon Valley in 2007 to accelerate the adoption of solar energy worldwide. Tigo systems operate on 7 continents and produce gigawatt hours of reliable, clean, affordable and safe solar energy daily. Tigo's global team is dedicated to making the best MLPE on earth so more people can enjoy the benefits of solar.

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