Quick Start Guide: TS4-A-S (Safety) - 700W (15A)

TS4-A-S Installation Quick Start Guide 002-00080-00 Last updated: 12/8/2021 Rev. A4
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TS4-A-S Installation Quick Start Guide

Note: When installing TS4-A, connect the input cables to the PV module before connecting the TS4-A output cables in series.

If disconnecting TS4-A, disconnect the TS4-A output cables from the string before disconnecting the input cables from the PV module.

For installation with frameless modules, remove metal clips and bolt TS4-A to rail.

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TS4-A-S: Safety

* Collect TS4 QR code for system mapping to enable monitoring and safety features

The TS4-A-S is the advanced add-on solution that brings smart module functionality to standard PV modules, including rapid shutdown and module-level monitoring.

Maximum power: 700W

Maximum voltage: 90Vdc

Maximum current: 15Adc

Maximum string voltage 1000V/1500V depending on connectors

Use ANSI/NFPA 70 wiring methods.

Modules must not be installed in readily accessible locations. (Canada only)

Connectors from different manufacturers cannot be mated with each other.

Photovoltaic Rapid Shutdown Equipment NEC 690.12 and C22.1-2015 Rule 64-218

The Tigo Access Point (TAP) is a PVRSE device that provides a keep-alive signal to the TS4 (attenuator) device via wireless communications.

The Tigo Access Point (TAP) shall be powered from the same power as the RSI (Rapid Shutdown Initiator) circuit and tied to the shutdown of the inverter.


Electricity will be supplied to the Tigo TS4-A output cables immediately when connected to a PV module exposed to sunlight. Use care when handling.


当连接的组件暴露在阳光下时电力将会从Tigo TS4-A输出端输出。请小心处理。


Une fois connecté au panneau photovoltaïque exposé au soleil, les boitiers Tigo TS4-A laisseront passer le courant. Soyez vigilant.


Bei Verbindung der Tigo TS4-A mit einem aktiven PV-modul steht der Ausgang unmittelbar unter Spannung. Bitte Vorsicht im Umgang.


Prestare la massima attenzione: i cavi di uscita dei Tigo TS4-A sono già alimentati con energia elettrica quando vengono collegati a un modulo fotovoltaico esposto alla luce del sole.

안전을 위 한 주의사항

햇빛에 노출된 태양전지 모듈에 연결하면 Tigo TS4-A 출력 케이블에즉 시 전기가 흐르게 됩니다. 취급시 주의하십시요. 重要事項日射下の太陽光モジュールを接続すると同時に、タイゴTS4-Aの出力 ケーブルにも電気が流れますので、取扱いには十分ご注意ください。


Al momento de conectar los cabels de salida los Tigo TS4-A a un módulo fotovoltaico expuesto al sol, se iniciarà la corriente eléctrica. Tenga cuidado en su manejo.

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