Quick Start Guide: CCA & TAP

Cloud Connect Advanced (CCA) Quick Start Guide 002-00060-00 Last updated: 2/6/2020 Rev A2
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Cloud Connect Advanced (CCA) Quick Start Guide

Step 1: Read Installation and Safety Manual and download Tigo SMART app


Ph: +1 408 402 0802

Chat: 1 408 402 0805,

+39 342 67 92 285, +39 345 15 61 331

Step 2: Ensure AC power and Internet availability and plan RS485 route for Tigo Access Point (TAP)

The Cloud Connect Advanced (CCA) requires AC power, an Internet connection (Ethernet or Wi-Fi), and an RS485 communication cable connection to the TAP(s).

Install the CCA on the same AC main service as the inverter to activate rapid shutdown when the AC disconnect is switched off.

Connect communication wires before powering on the CCA.

Step 3: Configure system online or with Tigo SMART app

Log in to the Tigo SMART app or tigoenergy.com with your installer account and create a New Installation.

Follow the steps in the site builder to create the new system. You'll need module and inverter type, as well as the barcodes from the CCA and TS4 units.

Step 4: Create physical system map

To create a map of the system that matches the physical layout*, remove the peel-off stickers from the TS4 covers or record the barcodes on a map that represents their physical location.

Use the Tigo SMART app or site builder at tigoenergy.com to edit the system map.

*Optional, but improves appearance in monitoring portal

Step 5: Install TAP(s)

Use TS4 key to open TAP cover.

Connect TAPs in series, leaving the resistor in the final TAP and removing all others.

For best results place at least 5 modules with TS4 units within 33ft (10m) of a TAP.

Verify wiring polarity before connecting TAP(s)

Connect all communication wires before powering on CCA.

Step 6: Commission the Tigo equipment

Use the Tigo SMART app to configure the Internet connection (wired Ethernet or Wi-Fi.)

Select Start Discovery in the app to begin scanning for TS4 units.

Discovery should be initiated from the Tigo SMART app while on-site and connected to the CCA.

After commissioning, powering down the CCA and inverter deactivates the system.

Tigo TS4 System Layout

Up to 33ft (10m) between any two wireless devices (TAP to TS4, or TS4 to TS4)

Use additional TAPs for TS4 units farther than 115ft (35m) away

Connecting Power and Ground Wires

DIN Rail power supply:

  • Connect DC leads from power supply to CCA 
  • Connect AC and DC ground wires to DIN rail
  • Connect AC power input to power supply

Optional AC power cord not supplied in this kit

Use 12-18AWG (0.75-2.5mm²)

Transformer power supply:

  • Connect DC leads to CCA

Equipment Planning

  • 1 CCA per 900 TS4 units
  • Up to 7 Access Points per CCA
  • 300 TS4 units per TAP
  • CCA required for monitoring and TAP required for rapid shutdown

Communication Path

Wireless:               RS485 Communication Cable:            Ethernet of Wi-Fi

TS4 to TS4         Please visit suppot.tigoenergy.com

TS4 to TAP         for cable types and NEC compliance

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