Commercial and Utility

Commercial and Utility

Are you overwhelmed by the financial, operational, and maintenance logistics of large-scale solar installations?
Tigo can help you make solar happen!

Predictive O&M • BOS Savings • Simplified Installations & Troubleshooting

For commercial and utility-scale projects, Tigo streamlines the way large solar systems are managed, operated, and maintained. Tigo implements its technology to maximize financial returns, improve safety, and optimize longer strings. The system’s increased energy harvesting quickly covers the cap-ex impact of adding the TS4 solution. Meanwhile, long-term module-level system management tools offer the following capabilities:

  • unprecedented visibility with hourly monitoring
  • flexibility in design layout, 30% longer strings, and inverter selection
  • peak performance analysis throughout system lifetime
  • insurance policy for quickly identifying and correcting any issues

Tigo’s TS4 solution can add significant financial benefits for large scale systems that include additional power output and significant operational efficiencies. Tigo’s TS4 solution can increase the output of an array by up to 20% with an additional 30% financial returns! The benefits begin during installation when advanced cyber tools virtually eliminate manual troubleshooting. Tigo’s optimizers increase the efficiency of any inverter and regulate the power output of every panel allowing system owners to design systems with adverse conditions, such as shading, without affecting the economics of an array. Learn more about the Tigo’s TS4 optimizer capabilities.

Schools and Government

Schools and Government

Are you ready to advocate for
education institutions and government agencies
to move away from fossil fuels towards clean energy?
igo can help you make solar happen!

Renewable Energy Advocacy Tool • Budget-friendly • Anti-theft Features

As we continue to progress away from fossil fuels, investing in clean energy will become paramount for government agencies and educational institutions.

Schools can get the most energy from solar arrays by fully utilizing the power of your solar panels and harvesting the most sunlight at any point during the day! Teachers can have a greater impact on energy conservation for the next generation by incorporating digital learning and energy analytics into the curriculum. Students can easily access module-level production data, carbon-offset calculations, and more for classroom discussions by using Tigo’s monitoring solution. Check out a live monitoring simulation.

Government agencies can also enable constant monitoring and rapid feedback of solar installations. Tigo’s solution delivers optimal energy harvest, increased efficiency, and maximum system uptime for a faster ROI. With remote module-level monitoring, Tigo can often troubleshoot without sending technicians to government property. Hourly monitoring with automatic alerts also means that modules are always protected from theft.



Are you contemplating a solar system for your home to potentially lower your electric bill and lower your carbon footprint?
Tigo is here to make solar happen!

Flexible Designs • Safety Certified • Energy Production Monitoring

Tigo makes your choice easy by providing flexible installation designs to fit your roof. Because of the way solar panels are connected and managed in a traditional installation, a weak panel will have a significantly negative effect on the entire system. Uneven panel aging, slightly different module orientation, and module temperature differences can also lead to lower than expected power output. With the Tigo TS4 Module Platform, your solar array will produce the most energy possible regardless of your home orientation or shading issues.

Tigo’s products are certified with the highest safety ratings according to the most recent National Electric Code (NEC) regulations. These industry-leading safety features give you peace-of-mind by rapidly shutting down during maintenance or emergencies. Learn more about our product safety features here.

The Tigo TS4 optimizer solution fixes these problems and can result in up to 20% more energy from your array. Tigo’s module-level web-based management tools will also help you keep your system at its peak performance throughout the lifecycle of your system. Tigo’s optimizers provides module-level monitoring, which allows you to see how your array is doing and track its performance over time. Check out Tigo’s monitoring platform.

PPA & 3rd Party Finance

PPA & 3rd Party Finance

Are you debating how to get the full benefits from
your and your customers' solar investments?​
Tigo is here to make solar happen!

Improved Reliability • Faster ROI • Remotely Troubleshoot

As an investor in solar energy, it’s crucial for both you and your customers to experience the full benefits of your investment. A compromised system can result in low customer satisfaction and decreased revenues. Tigo’s Smart Module technology is the best solution for solar leasing agencies, solar energy cooperatives, and other third party solar dealers. Tigo products unleashing energy from arrays that would otherwise be lost to help you get a faster ROI with your solar systems. With remote monitoring capabilities, Tigo can help troubleshoot any system issues which means less maintenance costs and lower total cost of ownership for you and your customer. Read more about Tigo’s products.